How It Works

Getting Started

  • No Experience Necessary – Gear and Training (both in-house and at the Bucks County Fire School) are provided at no cost to members.
  • New Members will be voted into a 1-Year Probationary Period at our Monthly Meeting.
  • New Members will complete their Firefighter I Certification (classes run 2-3 times per year) during their Probationary Period.
  • Probationary Members still respond to calls, ride the apparatus, and attend in-house training.

How It Works

  • Volunteer Firefighters are all volunteers (it’s in the name!) – you will be notified via pager and mobile app of calls 24/7/365 and respond to your firehouse, where you’ll put on your gear, get into the apparatus and head to the emergency.
  • Maintain an “Active Status” by doing the following:
    • Attend Monthly Membership Meetings
    • Complete a minimum of 6 Training Drills per year, including a structural burn session and CPR, First Aid, and AED Certifications.
    • Fire Calls – encouraged to make all calls (24/7/365), but required to make a minimum of 25% of the calls annually.
  • Attend Clean Ups and Special Events (Parades, Harvest Day, Fire Prevention Open House, etc…) – As Needed and Scheduled.


In addition to joining a community network of great neighbors who share in unparalleled camaraderie, members who maintain an “Active Status” also receive the following benefits:

  • Free training and firefighting gear
  • Free Apparel (Winter Jacket, Job Shirt, T-shirt, etc.)
  • Class A and BDU’s Uniforms
  • Active-by-fire incentive program.
  • Eligible for Post High School annual Scholarship
  • Free Long-Term Care Insurance after 20 years
  • Length-of-Service Award – each year
  • Life Insurance
  • Active-by-fire Additional Life Insurance
  • Free Line of Duty Accident & Sickness Insurance

Free Family activities: (It’s not all work)

  • LMT Pool membership
  • Annual Christmas Party
  • Free Passes to Shady Brook Horror Fest, hayride and Holiday Light Show
  • Free Station Rental for family occasion